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More Thinking, Less Rules

BushMaths aims to improve the enjoyment and understanding of mathematics through offering a fresh approach that involves more thinking and less rules. It also aims to merge conservation and bush experiences with improving the learning of mathematics.


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2 days ago


We recently presented our annual maths camp where we hosted our top 15 educators as a reward for their dedication to the capacity building programme for educators.

We spent the weekend at the South African Wildlife College where Dr Hannah Barnes from BushMaths presented workshops on fractions and they also got to go on multiple game drives during their stay.

It was a wonderful weekend and a great way to conclude this year's workshops. We look forward to more successful capacity building next year!

Thank you Sabrina Chielens for the photos.

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2 weeks ago


What a great weekend with this special group of people. This was our third annual BushMaths camp for Eco Children's Maths Capacity Building programme for Intermediate phase. A mix of maths and bush fun! Thank you Ecochildren for providing the 15 top attending teachers with this weekend at the South African Wildlife College. And thank you to The ukuqonda institute for donating the fractions booklets we used at the camp. ...

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1 month ago


It is so important for kids to understand that a number is so much more than a "name label". Each number has a value and unless a learner makes the connection between the name label and the value of a number, they will struggle to gain any further feeling for mathematics. The same is true for mathematical symbols and their meaning. If a young learner does not understand what the "+" symbol in mathematics indicates, they cannot make meaning from a calculation such as 3 + 4. At BushMaths our goal is to make sure learners make these necessary connections so that maths makes sense to them through a natural feeling they develop for the numbers and the symbols. We see too much maths being practiced in schools without meaning, simply guided by rules that are imposed upon the learners in the hope they will remember them and apply them correctly. Maths is a creative, dynamic system and learners should have the opportunity to experience it as such and the learning thereof as an adventure and not a chore. ...

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