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Grade 11 and 12 Workshop - Hoedspruit May 26th - Functions

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Topics Covered:

Function notation

We look at interpreting and understanding function notation, including domain and range

Linear, quadratic and cubic functions

This includes straight line graphs, parabolas and cubic graphs. It also covers completing the square, the factor and remainder theorem and the calculus involved in drawing these graphs.

Hyperbolic and exponential functions

We revise the general equations and how to draw and interpret these functions.

Applications of functions

Here we apply all that we have learnt above as is expected in the examinations.


26may9:00 am4:00 pmGrade 11 and 12 Workshop - Functions

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BushMaths aims to improve the enjoyment and understanding of mathematics through offering a fresh approach that involves more thinking and less rules. It also aims to merge conservation and bush experiences with improving the learning of mathematics.


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