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Learn by spotting patterns.

Come and beat around the bush with us.

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Workshop - September 29 and 30th!

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More Thinking, Less Rules

BushMaths aims to improve the enjoyment and understanding of mathematics through offering a fresh approach that involves more thinking and less rules. It also aims to merge conservation and bush experiences with improving the learning of mathematics.


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5 days ago


Dr Hannah Barnes from BushMaths recently hosted another capacity building workshop for maths teachers in our area. It was a full house with everyone attending eager to learn new skills and improve their teaching practice. Improved maths is on the way! ...

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1 week ago


Gauteng Grade 12 Maths revision workshop. More info and bookings on www.bushmaths.com ...

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2 weeks ago


Doing a school visit for Eco Children's capacity building programme last week, it was great to witness these Grade 7 learners really getting a feeling for enlargement and reduction through the use of geoboards in their new Maths lab. Brave teachers making daring changes is so exciting to see! ...

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