Who We Are

The concept of BushMaths is to create opportunities for learners and teachers to learn more about the distinctive nature of mathematics, and the beauty and simplicity thereof, combined with a bush experience where possible to improve their awareness and knowledge of conserving our unique environment.

The central teaching and learning approach of BushMaths is based on getting participants to understand the notation and terminology of mathematics concepts they work with at school and to equip participants with the necessary understanding and thinking skills to liberate them from needing to memorise pages of rules and laws. While there are a number of mathematical conventions that we need to know, mastering the meaning of these conventions, terminology and notation builds a stronger foundation than memorising rules. This in turn often builds one’s confidence, enjoyment of and performance in mathematics. Being able to offer this to participants in a bush context can also lead to a more positive attitude towards the subject and conservation.
Photographer: Sabrina Chielens
eco children
Photographer: Sabrina Chielens

Meet Dr. Hannah Barnes

Hi, I am Hannah and I live and work in the bush and teach maths. Hence BushMaths was born. I have been teaching maths for 25 years and still enjoy this learning process.  

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