“What am I” game

What animal am I? I have four legs, eat grass and leaves and leopards like to eat me. There are many of us in the Kruger Park? If your kids enjoy this kind of game, then teaching them the properties of shapes can be fun with the “what shape am I” game. For example, I have four sides and they are all the same length….what shape am I? Seems the oxpecker might just know!

With lots of leisure and travel time in the holidays, the “What am I” game adapted from “I spy with my little eye” can be educational and fun for younger children. One person gets to pick a number, for example and then give some clues about that number. The others need to use the clues to try and find the number. The person who correctly identifies the number gets to have a turn choosing another number and clues. Different variations are possible with shapes (as already mentioned), numbers, measurement and number patterns. Here are some examples: 

  • I am bigger than 10 but smaller than 40. I am a multiple of 9 (or I am an answer in the 9 times table) and my second digit is double the value of my first digit. ANSWER: 36
  • I am bigger than zero but smaller than 50. My two digits add up to 13. What number am I? ANSWER: 49
  • I am a unit of time used to measure the 100m race in athletics. What unit am I? ANSWER: seconds or milliseconds
  • I am a unit of measurement used to measure the weight of a loaf of bread. What unit am I? ANSWER: grams
  • The first three numbers of my pattern are 4 ; 8 ; 12…..What pattern am I? (in other words how will you find the next term?) ANSWER: by adding 4 each time. 

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